Item: LVC Men defeat Riga II in 4 sets
Author: Andreas Wicht
Date: 16 September 2007, 6:23:33 PM

The first game of the season meant that a shaky start was to be expected. Riga showed very clearly why they were promoted into Division 2 with a steady performance. Both teams were trading points for most of the first set before Riga closed it out 25-21.

Leicester started the second set embarrassingly slow but managed to come back and level the set. At 23 all it was make or break for either team. It was definitely Leicesterís team spirit that gave them the edge over their opponents to take the set 29-27.

The momentum continued in the 3rd set and LVC was always in front to win the set 25-21. It was now crunch time as Riga did not give up and made Leicesterís men work hard for their points. There were never more than 2 to 3 points difference between the two teams and Leicester finally took the set 25-23.

It was a good team performance and a-not-seen-before team spirit. Even though Captain Paul Bushell said after the game that his setting wasnít the best, each player made important contributions at the right time.