Item: LVC men lose their cool in 5-Setter
Author: Andreas Wicht
Date: 14 October 2007, 4:24:06 PM

What should have been a 3-0 affair turned into a disaster for Leicester's men after taking the first set 23-25. The team then decided to stop playing volleyball and start an ongoing debate about how to play rather than doing what they have trained for. At the same time Reading stepped up their level of play and took the second set convincingly 25-19 before LVC's men realised what was happening.

The third set was close as both teams had the chance to edge ahead at 24-24, but it was Reading that kept their cool and outclassed LVC. Disappointed with the loss of the third set Leicester's men played better while Reading made more unforced errors. Consequently, LVC won the fourth set 18-25.

The fifth set started with both teams trading points until 8-9 in LVC's favour. As Leicester's men continued to argue again amongst themselves, Reading made point after point until the game finished 15-12.