Item: Riga friendlies - home and away
Author: Robyn Slingsby
Date: 15 October 2007, 1:32:42 PM

Leicester ladies have been getting some much-needed match practise as they enter the 2007/08 season with a "determined to do better" attitude.
The team travelled to play Warwick Riga 2 (who they will play at some point in Division 3 of the Women's National Volleyball League) earlier this month.
The match gave the coaches an ideal opportunity to mix players around, make multiple substitutions and try new things.
It was a scrappy game and Leicester lost to Riga 3-1 after four very muddled - but close - sets.
Riga travelled to Leicester the following week and, still with multiple substitutions and a couple of new players to boot, the home team looked much more lively on court. The result was 2-2.
Will Leicester be able to pull out a win when they face Riga for real later in the season? Watch this space!