Item: Men cruise through 2nd round of EVA Cup
Author: Andreas Wicht
Date: 11 November 2007, 11:11:09 PM

LVC's men knocked RAF Harriers out of the National Cup competition with a convincing 3-0. With this win they earned the opportunity to play at home against the country's best team London Malory on January 12, 2008.

Both teams started the match slow with Leicester making hard work of it. As the two teams traded points neither one was able to establish an advantage. At 23-23 it could have gone either way, but Leicester managed to step it up to close out the set 25-23.

The second set was equally disappointing as neither team was able to cut down on way too many unforced errors. Leicester's men had their moments when the play ran like clockwork and they were able to establish a 6-point lead halfway through the set. Despite the complacency that set in they were able to take the set 25-22.

The third set saw a desperately needed change in personnel and the level play started to improve significantly, mainly because LVC reduced their error count. Good service pressure from LVC allowed them to build up a good lead. At 19-11 Harriers did not seem to be able to put up a fight and Leicester took the set 25-11.