Item: Payback time for Leicester
Author: Andreas Wicht
Date: 17 December 2007, 7:01:55 PM

It was an important game for Leicester's men in way too many respects on Sunday to mention in full. Brentwood inflicted the deciding damage on the team last season with a display of controlled volleyball that LVC was unable to cope with. Many controversial decisions and heated arguments contributed to that shocking 0-3 loss. It was payback time, but in the sporting sense.

The team didn't mess about and started to control the game right from the start. Halfway through the set, two service runs gave Leicester a 10-point lead, which they only managed to extent by two more points before the set was over at 25-13.

Having learnt their lesson the day before the squad stayed focussed and continued to play some good-quality volleyball. Brentwood managed to keep up and even get a 1-point advantage. However, this was short-lived as another excellent service run by LVC closed out the set 25-20.

The momentum now was all with Leicester as they raced into a 6-0 lead. A Brentwood time out had the desired effect, but could not stop their momentum. Leicester just controlled the game and - without mercy - took the set 25-10.